Fashion and Nature Through The Seasons

Fashion and Nature Through The Seasons

There are many environmental concerns about the impact of high end fashion on the environment, in particular it is criticised for not being a sustainable industry. In this work I have tried to counter this perception be focusing on the close connection between the two. Essentially the genre is fashion, but with a bias towards advertising, a field that I hope to aspire to in the future.

The study is themed over the four seasons, with each season represented by a set of four shots. Each set is consistent though each image tells a different story by developing a specific relationship between the subject and the background. While each season has a distinct feel as expressed by the colour schemes and the backdrop, there is also consistency across the various sets in terms of composition and style.

The images blend studio shots with different backgrounds developed from elements taken from a photographic database of the environment that I assembled during a tour of Scotland. The lighting of the studio shots was adjusted to match that of the chosen background. Rather than simply setting the models against a back drop, I have attempted to develop the relationship between the elements so that the model is part of the environment, for instance a tree rooted in the ground; a flower; a bird.


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